Wednesday, May 16, 2007

We'll See.

I graduated on Sunday, giving me three months before I pack up again for graduate school.

All of my papers, books, clothes, etc. are laying in a pile on my floor in my mother's house. Blogging gives me a place to put everything away when I'm constantly between places.

. . .

Stuff Window

. . .

I'm not sure what this particular space will turn into. I love the idea of taking pictures everyday, though I'm not a good photographer by any stretch of the imagination. I just like saving random images and ideas in any way I can.

Last semester I had to write a critical introduction to my poetry thesis. I ended up writing about how I'm learning to have faith in the intuitive and the unintentional (less intentional, I should have said?). I think this blog will work from that place too.

. . .

“It was an offering; to combine, to create; but to whom?”
- Virginia Woolf

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